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Nutrients needed by pregnant and lactating women are generally assessed during the intrapartum and breastfeeding periods to avoid nutritional deficits that may lead to either low weight or obesity. Women who are lactating should be followed up closely by their medical provider for possible deficiencies that may potentially affect the health of the mother and of the newborn. Guidance to maintain proper eating habits that include nutrient-rich food will help to ensure that nutrients lacking in the diet are replaced. By increasing dietary intake of nutrient-rich food and supplements during pregnancy and lactation, both mother and baby may avoid certain disease states and improve general health and wellbeing. The example of maternal vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy and lactation, and the health consequences in nursing infants is discussed.

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Course Syllabus

  • I.       Introduction
  • II.      Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy
    • 1.   Excessive Weight Gain
    • 2.   Inadequate Weight Gain
  • III.      Macronutrients and Micronutrients
    • 1.   Calories
    • 2.   Protein
    • 3.   Carbohydrates
    • 4.   Fats
    • 5.   Micronutrients: Minerals
    • 6.   Vitamins
  •  IV.     Other Nutritional Issues
    • 1.   Caffeine
    • 2.   Fish
    • 3.   Vegetarian or Meatless Diet
    • 4.   Dietary and Herbal Supplements
  • V.      Nutrition and Lactation
    • 1.   Calories
    • 2.   Macronutrients in Breast Milk
    • 3.   Micronutrients in Breast Milk
  •  VI.      Alcohol and Lactation
    • 1.   Caffeine
    • 2.   Food and Lactation
  • VII.      Pregnancy, Lactation and Medication
  • VIII.     Case Study 1: Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy
  •  IX.      Case Study 2: Dilated Cardiomyopathy
  •   X.       Secondary to Maternal Cholestasis
  •  XI.       Summary


Dana Bartlett, RN, BSN, MSN, MA, CSPI

Dana Bartlett is a professional nurse and author. His clinical experience includes 16 years of ICU and ER experience and over 27 years as a poison control center information specialist. Dana has published numerous CE and journal articles, written NCLEX material, textbook chapters, and more than 100 online CE articles, and done editing and reviewing for publishers such as Elsevier, Lippincott, and Thieme. He has written widely on the subject of toxicology and was a contributing editor, toxicology section, for Critical Care Nurse journal. He is currently employed at the Connecticut Poison Control Center. He lives in Wappingers Falls, NY.

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