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CeBroker - Yes we report to CeBroker every day. However, you must have...
  1. Entered your license number correctly on the My Account page
  2. Selected the 'Florida Board of Nursing' as your accrediting body on the My Account page
  3. Selected Florida (FL) as your licensing State on the My Account page.
Without these 3 items entered correctly we cannot report your CEUs.

We keep costs low by not taking orders over the phone. The purchasing process is secure.

We reduce overhead by using the latest technology to provide the courses.

To access tests....

  1. Go to You can log in on any page by entering your email address and password. After entering the information click the "Login" button. If you are already logged in, it says "Log off".
  2. Clicking on the "My Account" link ( takes you to the My Account page where you can view all the tests on your account. (You have to add the courses first from the course list page).
  3. Next to each test on your account is a link that says "Complete Evaluation". Clicking on this begins the process of completing the evaluation and, if you want, entering your answers. The test is not a requirement UNLESS you live in a State that requires testing. For example, Florida.


Just write us at and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

  • Choose & purchase a single course or the Unlimited Option
  • Print or download a copy of the course materials
  • Print or read the course materials online
  • When finished, log on go to "My Account"
  • Click on the green "Complete Evaluation" button
  • Download or print your Certificate

All states that require Nursing Continuing Education accept courses which have been approved by another state board of Nursing or are from an ANCC provider. As NurseCe4Less is an ANCC provider and our courses are approved the Florida Board of Nursing, if your state requires CEU's you can take your contact hours from

Use the tool at the top of this page to find out.

Each time you complete a set of 5 questions, your responses are entered into a database. If you lose your connection, simply reconnect and continue your test where you left off. At the worst you would have to re-submit those 5 answers.

80% and above.

Each test may be taken up to 3 times. After submitting a test for scoring, if you do not achieve a passing score, you will be told which items were incorrect.

To add courses buy the course individually.

OR, if you have the unlimited option:

  • Log in
  • For the course you want, click on the "Add to my account" button next to the course.
  • Click on "My account" and your courses will be listed.

Yes. All purchases and logins go through our secure services provided by GoDaddy. You can be assured that any purchases are safe through our site.

At any point before submitting an evaluation for a course, you can receive a 100% refund.

Your certificate will be available immediately after submitting the course evaluation.

Use the form below to send us your question.

For Florida and Washington DC, we report daily for courses completed the previous day. For example, if you complete a course on Friday, it will be reported on Saturday.

If you are in Florida it is (CE Provider # 50-9573) Every other state board accepts continuing education courses from ANCC Providers. ANCC does not assign provider numbers, so enter "ANCC" on your renewal form.

We provide CCM continuing education through our sister site

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