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Value of Empathy in the Patient-Clinician Relationship - The Difficult Patient

Author: Jassin M. Jouria, MD
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CE: 2 hours
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Course Summary

Health clinicians encounter a wide array of patients on a daily basis. While most of them handle these encounters professionally, there will certainly be moments of challenging patient encounters. Patients might express frustration, fear, or anger towards the health team. There are ways for clinicians to manage difficult patient behaviors that can improve the patient-clinician interaction, promote engagement, and ensure that a high quality of care is provided. Proper and safe boundaries need to be established and a patient’s anger that escalates to be threatening or abusive should never be tolerated. This is the second in a series of courses on "The Difficult Patient".

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.              Introduction
II.           The Role Of Empathy
1.   Definition of Empathy in Healthcare
2.   Barriers to Empathy
3.   Diagnosis and Clinical Outcomes
4.   Patient Enablement
5.   Measuring Levels of Empathy
III.        Detached Cognition In The Health Clinician
1.   Meanings of Empathy and Detachment
2.   Nonverbal Attunement
IV.         The Empathic Clinician And Emotional Attunement
1.   Listening to the Patient’s Story
2.   Barrier’s to Empathy
3.   Neural Basis of Empathy
V.            Empathic Negotiation And Confrontation
1.   Confrontation and Ethics
2.   Confrontation and Emotional Gratification
3.   Letting Go of Anger
VI.         Techniques To Deal With A Difficult Patient
1.   Medical Frequent Flyers
VII.       Summary


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