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The Basics of Psychopharmacology - Psychopharmacology: A Comprehensive Review

Author: Jassin M. Jouria, MD
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CE: 3.5 hours Pharmacology: 3.5 hours
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Course Summary

Psychopharmacology is an intensive area of healthcare that requires ongoing scientific research and study by health clinicians. It has evolved as an interdisciplinary area of psychiatry based on the medical study of the brain and nervous system. Drug treatment of mental health disorders are continuously evolving as a result of the pharmacy industry focus on new drug research to improve effective treatment. Professional and health regulatory organizational mandates to develop treatment guidelines and to address ethical dilemmas related to drug therapy of mental disorders require that clinicians conform to legal requirements and medical algorithms of treatment. This is the first in a five-part series on psychopharmacology.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.              Introduction

II.           History Of Mental Health Disorders

III.         Epidemiology Of Mental Illness

1.   Depression

2.   Prevalence of Mental Illness

IV.          The Human Nervous System

1.   Brain

2.   Nervous System

3.   Neurotransmitters

V.            Basics Of Psychopharmacology

1.   Mechanisms of Action

VI.          Treatment Goals Of Mental Illness: An Overview

1.   Psychopharmacologic Treatment Plan

2.   Newer Versus Older Psychotropic Medications

3.   Chemical Restraints

VII.       Summary


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