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Substance Use Disorders: Screening for Mental Illness and Substance Use Dual Pathology

Author: Kellie Wilson, PharmD and William A. Cook, PhD

CE: 3 hours
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Course Summary

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) defines a substance use disorder as a problematic pattern of substance use with significant clinical impairment based on specific criteria. Symptoms are classified according to level of severity, and specifiers include varied behavioral changes and possible mental illness. Important to the diagnosis of a substance use disorder is the patient’s history and physical assessment, collateral family or significant other report, and interdisciplinary team member evaluation during the patient’s treatment and various phases of the medical/psychiatric treatment planning.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.         Introduction
II.        The DSM-5 and Substance Use Disorders
1.         DSM-5 Guidelines for Substance-Related Disorders
2.        Tolerance
3.        Withdrawal
III.        Multiple Substance Use
IV.        Progression of a Substance Use Disorder
 V.         Common Risk Factors for Substance Use
1.        Homelessness
2.        Personality Disorders
3.        Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders
4.        Dual Pathology
5.        Comorbid Mental Illness and Other Behavioral Addictions
VI.         Screening for Substance Use
1.        Physiological Category
2.        Psychological Category
3.        Behavioral Category
4.        Biological Screens
5.        Dimensions of Substance Use
VII.       Screening Instruments for Substance Use
1.        CAGE and CAGE-AID
2.        Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
3.        Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
4.        Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
5.        Drug Abuse Screening Test
VIII.       Case Study: Substance Use Disorder in a Young Male
 IX.        Summary


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