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Substance Use Disorder - Access to Treatment, Prevention, and Relapse Management

Author: Noah Carpenter, MD and William Cook, PhD

CE: 3 hours
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Course Summary

Unique challenges exist for individuals with a substance use disorder, and  those diagnosed with comorbid substance use are expected to have a higher degree of physical symptoms from substances used and a longer detoxification period. A personalized recovery program for people diagnosed with a substance use disorder is needed that takes into account their unique demographics and substance use history. The path of recovery varies between individuals, which may include altered alcohol and/or drug use and responses to environmental triggers. Recovery program strategies for the management of and abstinence from substance use are discussed.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.       Introduction
II.      Relapse Prevention and Management
1.        Managing Cravings
2.        Managing a Relapse Episode
3.        Community Support
III.     Substance Use and Treatment Modalities
1.        Models of CBT and Ethical Considerations
IV.    Hospital Resources During Recovery
1.        Emergency Department Crisis Team
2.        Psychiatric Department
V.      Community Resources During Recovery
1.        2020 US Initiatives Addressing Barriers to Treatment
2.        Community Crisis Centers
3.        Homeless Shelters
4.        Mental Health Outreach
5.        Community Corrections
6.        Police and Community Together
7.        Self-Help Programs
8.        Primary Group Involvement and Abstinence
VI.      Case Study: The Many Forms of Substance Use
VII.     Case Study: Adolescent with Drug Use
VIII.    Summary


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