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Sleep Disorders Part II: Adults

Author: Jassin M. Jouria, MD
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CE: 4 hours Pharmacology: 0.5 hour
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Course Summary

A good night’s rest is vital for people of all ages. Sleep deprivation in the adult population can occur when a regular and expected night of rest does not occur, often due to circumstances beyond a person’s control. There are several known and understood reasons for sleep, with many more being uncovered through continued research and study about sleep habits and processes. A sleep disorder will interfere with essential health benefits derived from good sleep, such as consolidation of memories, regulation of immune function, body growth, and energy conservation. The patient with sleep issues may undergo a number of tests to confirm a diagnosis. This is the second in a four-part series on sleep disorders.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.               Introduction

II.             Normal Sleep Patterns

1.     NREM

2.     REM

III.           Common Sleep Disorders

1.     Breathing Disorders

2.     Insomnia

3.     Circadian Rhythm Disorders

4.     Limb Disorders

IV.           Nighttime Sleep Behaviors

1.     Hypersomnias

2.     Sleepwalking

3.     Confusional Arousals

4.     REM Behavior Disorder

V.             Sleep Disorders Secondary To Illness/Injury

1.     Injury and Chronic Pain

2.     Obesity

3.     Mental Illness

4.     Heart Disease

VI.           Sleep Tests

1.     Polysomnography

2.     Maintenance of Wakefulness

3.     Multiple Sleep Latency Test

4.     Actigraphy

5.     Imaging and Laboratory Tests

VII.         Treatments For Sleep Disorders

1.     Behavioral Modifications

2.     CPAP and BiPAP

3.     Medications

4.     Surgical Treatment

VIII.       Summary


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