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SEPSIS: Does My Patient Look Sick?

Author: Jassin M. Jouria, MD
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CE: 2 hours
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Course Summary

The human body has an amazing ability to respond to bacteria and viruses, but occasionally the level of response outmatches the threat. When the body’s immune system goes into overdrive, sepsis can result, which can be life-threatening. Since many illnesses have symptoms that are similar to sepsis, it is important for nurses to be able to recognize those symptoms and understand the process for making an accurate sepsis diagnosis. Nurses should also understand the appropriate treatment in order to halt the effects of this potentially fatal illness.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction
  2. Sepsis Along The Age Spectrum
    1. Sepsis in Children
    2. Sepsis in the Older Adult
  3. Causes Of Sepsis
    1. Pediatric Patients
    2. Older Adult
    3. Cause of Symptoms
    4. Factors Related to Blood Coagulation
    5. Factors Related to Inflammation
  4. Symptoms Of Sepsis
    1. Delirium
    2. Post-ICU Syndrome (ICU Delirium)
    3. Difficulty Breathing
    4. Rash
    5. Chills
    6. Bruising
    7. Bleeding
    8. Other Symptoms
  5. Diagnostic Testing - Blood Tests
    1. Blood Differential
    2. White Blood Cell Count
    3. Arterial Blood Gas
    4. Kidney Function
  6. Prognosis
  7. Prevention
    1. Personal Hygiene
    2. How to Wash The Hands – Basic Technique
    3. When to Use Hand Sanitizer
    4. Intravenous Infusions and Catheters
  8. Summary


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