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Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment

Author: Noah H. Carpenter, MD

CE: 5 hours Pharmacology: 1 hour
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Course Summary

The diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer has undergone much progress in terms of new preventive and medical therapies that include the use of diagnostic procedures and surgical approaches based on prostate cancer type and staging. Lifestyle patterns and comorbid health issues involving men with prostate cancer have been studied in terms of disease prognosis and treatment options, however more research is needed to determine how certain factors can affect treatment outcomes. Challenges and complications in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer impacting disease outcomes are discussed.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.         Introduction
II.         Prostate Anatomy
1.        Transition Zone
2.        Central Zone
3.        Anterior Zone
4.        Peripheral Zone
III.         Incidence and Risk Factors
1.        Family History/Genetics
2.        Geographic Location
3.        Aggressive vs. Slow-Growing Cancers
4.        Prostate Enlargement
IV.         Prostate Cancer Types and Metastasis
V.         Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
VI.         Screening for Prostate Cancer
1.        Recommendations for Screening
2.        Effectiveness of Screening
3.        Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment
4.        Potential Harmful Outcomes from Screening
VII.         Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
1.        Digital Rectal Examination (DRE)
2.        Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing (PSA)
3.        Normal PSA Reading
4.        Free PSA
5.        PSA Density
6.        PSA Velocity
7.        Factors Affecting PSA Levels
8.        Frequency of PSA Testing
9.        Prostatic Acid Phosphatase
10.    Prostate Tissue Tests
11.    Prostate Pathology Report
12.    Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection
13.    Ploidy Analysis
14.    Transrectal Ultrasound
15.    Bone Scan
16.    Computed Tomography Scan
17.    Magnetic Resonance Imaging
18.    Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
19.    ProstaScint Scan
VIII.         Cancer Grouping and Staging
1.        Gleason Scoring System
2.        Grades 1-5
3.        Stages I – IV
4.        TNM Grading System
5.        Stage T1a Disease
6.        Stage T1b Disease
7.        Stage T1c Disease
8.        Stage T2a Disease
9.        Stage T2b Disease
10.    Stage T2c Disease
11.    Stage T3 Disease
12.    Stage T3a Disease
13.    Stage T3b Disease
14.    Stage T4 Disease
15.    Regional Lymph Node Staging
16.    Metastatic Staging
17.    Risk Groups
18.    Partin Tables
IX.         Choosing a Treatment Plan for Prostate Cancer
1.        Localized Prostate Cancer
2.        Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer
3.        Distant Metastasis
4.        AUA Recommendations and Guidelines
X.         Treatment Options
1.        Active Surveillance vs. Watchful Waiting
2.        Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT)
3.        Surgical Procedures for Prostate Cancer
4.        Radiation Therapy
5.        Chemotherapy
6.        Cryoablation and Ablation Techniques
7.        Bone-directed Treatment: Radioisotopes
8.        Immunotherapies for Prostate Cancer
XI.         Dietary and Lifestyle Changes for Prostate Cancer Patients
1.        Barriers to Lifestyle Changes
XII.         Radiation for Prostate Cancer: John Hopkins Study
XIII.         Case Studies: Prostate Cancer and Secondary Tumors
XIV.         Summary


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