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Author: Kellie Wilson, PharmD
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CE: 2.5 hours Pharmacology: 2.5 hours
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Course Summary

Propofol is a general anesthetic that has labeled uses for inducing and maintaining anesthesia, for monitored anesthesia during outpatient procedures, and for sedating critically ill patients who are mechanically ventilated. It has a rapid onset of action, and even when used for a prolonged period, the duration of effect is short, and the adverse effects of propofol are typically brief and benign. The following sections will discuss the basic pharmacologic profile of propofol, including the drug mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, labeled uses and dosing, contraindications, adverse effects, warnings and precautions, drug interactions, and the use of propofol during pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are separate sections on propofol infusion syndrome and propofol use disorder. A case study describing the potential effect of propofol upon serum triglyceride levels is included.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.    Introduction

II.    Pharmacological Profile

1. Pharmacokinetics
2. Labelled and Off-label Uses
3. Dosing
4. ASA Physical Status Classifications
5. Available Forms
6. Administration
7. Monitored Anesthesia Care and Sedation
8. Contraindications and Adverse Effects
9. Warnings and Precautions
10. Propofol Infusion Syndrome
11. Propofol Use Disorder
12. Drug Interactions
13. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

III.    Case Study: Propofol-induced Hypertriglyceridemia


IV.    Summary


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