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Primary Hypertension: Update on the Current JNC 8 and ACC/AHA Guidelines

Author: Dana Bartlett, BSN, MSN, MA, CSPI
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CE: 3 hours Pharmacology: 0.5 hour
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Course Summary

Primary hypertension is more common than secondary hypertension. The cause of primary hypertension is not known, however there is a correlation between primary hypertension and certain genetic, age-related and lifestyle risk factors. Hypertension increases the risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke. The prevalence rate of hypertension in the United States has grown significantly based upon the 2017 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association guidelines for blood pressure using the Eighth Joint National Committee on the Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure. Hypertensive emergencies, isolated diastolic hypertension, and isolated systolic hypertension are discussed. Inadequate control of blood pressure in the hypertensive population is also addressed, including a review of the treatment of primary hypertension with or without comorbid conditions and/or organ damage.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.      Introduction
II.      Classifications of Hypertension
III.      Hypertension: JNC 8 and ACC/AHA Definitions
IV.      Primary Hypertension: Etiology, Prevalence and Comorbities
1.       Hypertension Signs and Symptoms
2.       Hypertensive Emergencies
  V.      Risk Factors and Pathogenesis of Primary Hypertension
1.       Genetics
2.       Age
3.       Race
4.       Obesity
5.       Tobacco Use
6.       Alcohol Use
7.       Physical Inactivity
8.       Sodium Intake
VI.      Screening and Initial Evaluation of Hypertensive Patients
1.       Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
2.       Home Measurement
3.       Office-based Measurement
VII.        Hypertension Development and Progression
1.       Hypertension: A Risk Factor for Cardiac Disease and Stroke
2.       Other Conditions Caused by Hypertension
VIII.      Isolated Systolic and Isolated Diastolic Hypertension
IX.      Treatment of Primary Hypertension
1.       Blood Pressure Goals
2.       Lifestyle Modifications
3.       JNC-8 Recommendations for Managing Hypertension
4.       ACC/AHA Recommendations for Managing Hypertension
5.       Drugs Used to Treat Hypertension
6.       Antihypertensive Therapy
7.       Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
8.       Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers
9.       Beta-blockers
10.    Calcium Channel Blockers
11.    Diuretics
12.    Other Antihypertensive Medication
13.    Alternative Treatments
X.    Case Study: Complications of Hypertension
XI.    Case Studies on Current 2017 Guidelines
1.       Case 1: Incorrect Blood Pressure Measure
2.       Case 2: Stage 1 Hypertension
3.       Case 3: Stage 2 Hypertension
XII.      Summary


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