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Managed Care Approach to Optimizing Use of Pharmacotherapies in Older Adults

Author: Abimbola Farinde, PhD., PharmD
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CE: 2 hours Pharmacology: 2 hours
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Course Summary

Older adult populations in the United States are often confronted with health issues that can become more complex, difficult, and costly to treat as they age. A geriatric patient may suffer from several, chronic illnesses, which further complicates the patient’s treatment plan since the patient is likely to be prescribed multiple medications. This can lead to problems with drug-drug interactions, the prescribing of inappropriate or unnecessary medications, and adherence issues. Dealing with these issues requires coordinating the patient’s treatment through a multidisciplinary team approach. Managed care through medication therapy management and drug utilization review programs can help improve health outcomes for older adults and address the issues that arise when treating a patient with more than one chronic illness.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction
  2. The Aging Population in the United States
  3. Inappropriate Pharmacotherapy Use in Older Adults
  4. Associated Costs of Pharmacotherapy Selections
  1. Clinical and Economic Outcomes of Pharmacotherapy for Older Adults
  2. Adherence to Formularies
  1. Managed Care Implementation Process
  2. Summary


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