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Health Reform And Palliative Care: 2017 Update

Author: Jassin M. Jouria, MD
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CE: 4.5 hours
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Course Summary

Palliative care and hospice services that involve a whole interdisciplinary team approach aimed at improving patient-centered and quality of life outcomes are based on patient prognosis as well as patient and family preferences for treatment. Such an approach helps to avoid unnecessary health costs and improves patient and family satisfaction in services rendered. The current literature suggests that the shifting paradigm of palliative and hospice care away from prior medical models for end of life care have led to improved outcomes and even prolonged life for palliative care patients. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 had an important impact on the availability of palliative care services, creating new processes for palliative team members to improve services to patients and families needing services.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.            Introduction

II.         Palliative Care And Quality Of Life

III.       Overview Of Palliative Care And Hospice Care Programs

1.   Palliative Care

2.   Hospice Care

3.   Relationship Between Hospice and Palliative Care

IV.        Recipients Of Palliative Care

1.   Ageism in Palliative Care

2.   Children in Palliative Care

V.          Elements Of A Palliative Care Program

1.   Types of Palliative Care

2.   Emergencies Encountered in Community Palliative Care

3.   Hospital Palliative Care Unit

4.   Consultation Service – Hospital Palliative Care Team

VI.        Free-standing Inpatient Unit: Palliative/Hospice

1.   Patient demographics

2.   Palliative Day Care or Hospice Unit: Benefits

3.   Patient enrollment and attendance

4.   Audit of a Day Care Unit

VII.      The Assessment Of Palliative Care Needs

VIII.    The Palliative Care Team

IX.        The Palliative Patient Care Plan

X.          Benefits Of Palliative Care

XI.        The Burden Of Caregiving On The Family

1.   Caregivers Health Needs

2.   Benefits To The Facility/Professionals

XII.      Affordable Health Care Reforms

1.   Primary Care Medical Home

2.   Bundled Payment

3.   Palliative Care Payment

4.   Medicare Beneficiaries

5.   Medicare Part A and B

6.   Medicare Advantage

7.   Non-medicare Beneficiaries

8.   Care Planning Act

9.   Reporting on Quality

XIII.    Barriers To Palliative Care

XIV.     Summary


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