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Diverticular Disease

Author: Noah H. Carpenter, MD

CE: 2.5 hours Pharmacology: 2.5 hours
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Course Summary

Diverticulosis is a common condition in Western countries and carries the risk of serious complications. Inflammation and infection of the colon are characteristic of the complication of diverticulitis. Typically, ultrasound and computed tomography imaging is used in cases of of diverticulitis to help clinicians identify edematous thickening of the bowel wall and inflammatory changes. While uncomplicated diverticulitis can be treated through medical management, surgical intervention may be needed in complicated diverticulitis and without surgical intervention the prognosis may be grave. Diverticular disease and its complications including the life-threatening event of a bowel perforation are discussed.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.              Introduction

II.           Prevalence and Etiology

1.   Diverticulosis

2.   Diverticulitis

3.   Diverticular Bleeding

III.        Risk Factors for Diverticular Disease

1.   Diet

2.   Physical Activity

3.   Obesity

4.   Smoking, Caffeine, Alcohol

5.   Medications

IV.         Diagnosis of Diverticular Disease

1.   Barium Enema

2.   Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

3.   Colonoscopy

4.   CT Scan

5.   Diverticulitis: Evaluation and Testing

6.   Computerized  Tomography (CT) Scan

7.   Lower Gastrointestinal (GI) Series

8.   Colonoscopy

V.            Complications of Diverticular Disease

1.   Abscess, Perforation, and Peritonitis

2.   Fistula

3.   Intestinal Obstruction

VI.         Treatment of Diverticular Disease

1.   Fiber Diet

2.   Medications

3.   Probiotics

4.   Diverticulitis and Complications

5.   Diverticular Bleeding

6.   Surgery

VII.       Prognosis of Diverticular Disease

VIII.    Prevention of Diverticular Disease

IX.         Case Study

1.   Discussion

X.            Summary


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