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Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Author: Jassin M. Jouria, MD
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CE: 4.5 hours
Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 based on 2653 reviews

Course Summary

Modern medicine is rapidly moving toward a model that considers the patient's entire being — body and mind — rather than a single symptom or condition. Complementary and integrative medicine combines the best mainstream medical treatments with safe, effective therapies with a focus on the patient's wellbeing. This approach integrates various healthcare professionals, making use of their specific skillsets in order to maximize treatment options in the most effective and least invasive manner for the patient. With a focus on prevention, complementary and integrative medicine provides an optimal foundation for long-term wellness. The purpose of this course is to provide nursing professionals with basic knowledge complementary and integrative medical practices to improve options for patient care.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction
  2. Complementary And Integrative Practices Defined
    1. Mainstream Medicine
    2. Complementary Medicine
    3. Alternative Medicine
    4. Integrative Medicine
  3. Integrative Medicine Therapy Options
    1. Supplements
    2. Botanicals
    3. Probiotics
    4. Mind/Body Treatments
    5. Acupuncture
    6. Massage Therapy
  4. Meditation: Benefit To Health And Healing
  5. Movement Therapies
    1. Pilates
    2. Rolfing
    3. Feldenkrais Method
    4. Alexander Technique
    5. Relaxation Techniques
    6. Spinal Manipulation
    7. Chinese Practices
    8. Yoga
  6. Hypnotherapy
  7. Stress Management
  8. Nutritional Therapy
    1. Nutritional Counseling
    2. Holistic Nutrition
  9. Safety Considerations In Complementary And Integrative Therapy
    1. Safety Considerations
    2. Cost of Treatment
    3. Effectiveness of Treatment
  10. Summary


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