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Aging and Long-Term Care: Caregiver Roles, Quality of Care Measures, and Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders

Author: Jennifer McAnally, DNP, PMHNP-BC & William Cook, PhD

CE: 2.5 hours
Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 based on 5591 reviews

Course Summary

In the United States the population is aging and, in the coming decades, this trend is anticipated to increase. The rapid increase in the older population worldwide coincides with a mounting concern about geriatic mental health and treatment strategies focused on patient comorbidity and palliative measures. No exact estimates exist of the number of informal caregivers in the United States. Caregiving involves a major financial burden on family members with multiple factors affecting the cost of caring for an elderly family member that often goes unreported. Attitudes of medical providers and nurses when intervening for patients with Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders is discussed as an evolving area of care involving elderly and disabled populations.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

I.      Introduction
II.     Chronic Disease and Life Expectancy
III.    Chronic Disease and Mental Disorders in Elderly Patients
1.        Prevalence of Depression in Elderly Patients
2.        Diagnosing Depression in Chronically Ill Elderly Patients
3.        Treating Depression in the Elderly
4.        Chronic Disease Superimposed on Mental Illness
5.        Somatic Symptom Disorder under DSM-5
IV.    Challenges for the Long-Term Care Health Team
1.        Maintaining Hope
2.        The Terminal Phase
3.        Adverse Effects of Treatment
4.        Psychosocial Aspects of Care
V.     Elder Care and Impact on Health Providers
1.        Factors Influencing Responses
2.        Education and Training
3.        Interdisciplinary Team
4.        Provider Self-care
VI.    Family Caregivers
1.        Role of the Family Caregiver
2.        Impact on Caregiver’s Health
3.        Caregiver Trajectory
4.        Support System for the Caregiver
5.        Positive Effects of Caregiving
VII.    Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders
1.        Clinician Attitudes and DNR Orders
VIII.   Quality of Life for Elderly
1.        Neurological and Behavioral Functions in the Elderly
IX.     Case Study: Depression in the Elderly
X.      Summary


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