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Vitamin D: An Overview

Author: Dana Bartlett, RN, MA, MSN

Duration: 2 hours

Course Summary

Nursing knowledge of the physiological functions of vitamin D and the systemic effects of vitamin D deficiency will help them educate patients on the prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency. Patients treated for vitamin D deficiency should be aware of the signs of acute and chronic vitamin D intoxication. This course will help nurses identify signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and its treatment.

Course Format


Course Syllabus

  1. I. Introduction
    1. Vitamin D: Overview
  2. The Physiological Functions of Vitamin D
  3. Vitamin D: Sources And Daily Requirement
    1. Food sources of vitamin D
    2. Sunlight as a source of vitamin D
    3. Daily vitamin D requirement and serum levels
  4. Vitamin D Deficiency
    1. Breast-fed infants
    2. Skin pigmentation
    3. Obesity
  5. The Health Effects Of Vitamin D Deficiency
    1. Bone health: osteomalacia/rickets
    2. Autoimmune diseases
    3. Cancer
    4. Cardiovascular disease
    5. Cognitive impairment, dementia and alzheimer's disease
  6. Drug Interactions With Vitamin D
  7. Vitamin D Toxicity: Acute And Chronic
  8. Prevention And Treatment Of Vitamin D Deficiency: Therapeutic Use Of Vitamin D Supplementation
  9. Summary


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