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Burn Injuries: Part III, Emergency Interventions & Rehabilitation

Burn Injuries: Part III, Emergency Interventions & Rehabilitation

Course author: Jassin M. Jouria, MD
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Course Description
There are many different types of burn injuries, including those from fire, scalds, electricity, friction, contact with chemicals, and others. The one constant is that people who suffer burns have a desire for minimal scarring and impact to their lives. Emergency intervention is key in returning patients to their lives with minimal scarring and other lasting effects. Burn Series Part III reviews the transfer criteria to a specialized burn center and specific wound healing techniques and therapies during the patient’s recovery phase.

Course Outline
  1. Introduction
    1. Transfer Criteria for Burn Injuries
  2. Burn Wound Care
    1. Mechanical debridement a. Wet-to-dry dressing
    2. Water-based debridement
    3. Inspection of Wounds
    4. Wound Cleaning and Dressing
    5. Wound Maintenance
      1. Size and shape
      2. Exudate
      3. Odor
  3. Wound Healing And Pain Control
    1. Narcotics
    2. Anxiolytics
  4. Wound Healing And Nutritional Support
    1. Protein
    2. Vitamins and Minerals
    3. Increased Caloric Intake
  5. Summary
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