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Sleep Disorders Part II: Adults

Sleep Disorders Part II: Adults

Course author: Jassin M. Jouria, MD
Contact Hours: 8.5
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Target audience:
   Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, Registered Nurses,
   Licensed Practical Nurses, and Medical Assistants

Format: Homestudy
This course expires on: 8/30/2017
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Course Description
The current research and developments in sleep medicine highlight a need for nurses to be educated and updated on the importance of screening for adult sleep disorders – to support early intervention and to avoid poor health outcomes. The purpose this course is to provide nurses and health team associates knowledge about sleep disorders, health outcomes and treatments in adults.

Course Outline
  1. Introduction
  2. Normal Sleep Patterns
    1. NREM
    2. REM
  3. Common Sleep Disorders
    1. Breathing disorders
      1. Obstructive sleep apnea
      2. Central sleep apnea
      3. Upper airway resistance syndrome
    2. Insomnia
    3. Circadian rhythm disorders
      1. Advanced sleep phase disorder
      2. Delayed sleep phase disorder
      3. Jet lag
      4. Shift work
    4. Limb disorders
      1. Restless legs syndrome
      2. Periodic limb movement disorder
      3. Sleep related leg cramps
  4. Nightime Sleep Behaviors
    1. Hypersomnias
      1. Narcolepsy
      2. Idiopathic hypersomnia
    2. Sleepwalking
    3. Confusional arousals
    4. REM behavior disorder
  5. Sleep Disorders Secondary To Illness/Injury
    1. Injury and chronic pain
    2. Obesity
    3. Mental illness
    4. Heart disease
  6. Sleep Tests
    1. Polysomnography (sleep study)
    2. Maintenance of wakefulness
    3. Multiple sleep latency test
    4. Actigraphy
    5. Imaging and lab tests
  7. Treatments For Sleep Disorders
    1. Behavior modifications
    2. CPAP and BiPAP
    3. Medications
    4. Surgical treatment
  8. Summary
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