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CeBroker - Yes we report to CeBroker every day. However, you must have...
  1. Entered your license number correctly on the My Account page
  2. Selected the 'Florida Board of Nursing' as your accrediting body on the My Account page
  3. Selected Florida (FL) as your licensing State on the My Account page.
Without these 3 items entered correctly we cannot report your CEUs.

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If you bought unlimited courses, go to the course list and click on the the "Add to my account" button next to the test you want to add.

If you didn't buy unlimited courses, simply purchase the course and it will be added.
What are the steps to earn contact hours?
I only see Florida as the accrediting body. I'm not licensed in Florida. Help!
I need CEUs. What do I do?
I can't find the material to download. Where is it?
Where is the course? I bought it, now I can't find it.
What about CeBroker? Do you report my courses for me?
I bought unlimited courses. Now what?
I want to purchase over the phone. How come I can't find a phone number?
When are courses submitted to CeBroker?

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